Make Money

Purchase Crypto Currency so you are able to participate in our Crypto Raffles.  We are only using  Stable Coins for ticket purchases.  Stable Coin information is found on the Crypto Exchanges listed below.  The Exchanges are examples for your use, but we do not require that you use them.  Please do your own research. 

Crypto Exchanges

Some Exchanges offer incentives, and you receive free crypto with a qualified purchase.  Other Exchanges offer training, where after your completion you receive free Crypto Currency.  Send us an email, if you have questions to

The other options to make money is to sponsor your own raffles.  We host your raffle and manage the payments and setup requirements.   You get the word out or advertise your raffle.  You contact with your interest in sponsorship at

We are an international company licensed to have raffles hosted offshore for anyone to be a participate. Using crypto currency for ticket purchase.

USD Coin
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You register to participate in our raffles.  Your account information must be legitimate and accurate, as the account information is detailed in Privacy Policy for use.